Fuel efficiency doesn’t only depend on the car

How fuel-efficient your car will be, can be found in the specs of the car. The fuel consumption will depend on your driving style, the type of driving you do and what tyres you have on your car. Smooth driving style always consumes less fuel than a very aggressive driving style. So if you want to drive with low fuel consumption, then drive smoothly and keep the speed as constant as possible and keep the speed limits.
You also have the difference in fuel consumption between city traffic and highway driving. Highway driving is more economical because you can maintain the same speed and run the engine efficiently. The stop and start, which you experience in city driving, is not very economical and your fuel consumption will increase. If you are mainly driving in the city, you will have to live with higher fuel consumption than indicated. You can still drive as smoothly as possible within the city, but fuel consumption will always be higher than in highway driving. High quality tyres usuall…

The Correct Tyres For Your SUV

When selecting tyres for you SUV, you need to go through the same selection process as for any other vehicle. You need to determine what are the key benefits you need from a tyre. If you don’t know that, it is quite difficult to buy new tyres. Tyre producers usually have a wide range of tyres and they all answer to different needs that customers want from their tyres.
Some things you might want to get, when buying a new SUV studded tyres or a SUV non-studded tyres, are low fuel consumption, low noise level and good performance on ice. The EU tyre label will actually indicate the tyre’s noise level as well as the fuel consumption, but it will not detail which tyre will be better on ice. It is good to know that the studded tyre will be a bit better on icy roads.
The EU tyre label is good for making decisions once you have narrowed the selection already. I would also use the Internet to make some proper research of good winter tyres for an SUV, read a few different tyre reviews and focus…

A new tyre to guide you safely through the winter season

One fairly new tyre that I bought last winter, which has been nicknamed Northern Comfort, is a great non-studded tyre. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3, is a tyre that has changed the winter driving for me into a very pleasant experience. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 boosts the best driving comfort I have ever had when it comes to winter tyres. Smooth and yet giving me perfect balance. Despite not having studs, it gives me perfect grip on both snow and ice.
I have always thought that I needed to have studded tyres to achieve such grip in winter conditions and it took long convincing from my tyre shop that the makers of the best winter tyres now can deliver great winter tyres even without studs. The owner of the tyre shop had these tyres on his car and let me test-drive it for a bit. It wasn’t enough to fully convince me, but he showed me how well they had performed in winter test versus other tyres, so I thought I would give it a try. I am now into my second season and I am of course now …

Your SUV Will Perform Better If You Invest In Proper Tyres

As with all vehicles, the tyres play an important par in the vehicle's performance. Good tyres will ensure that you will get the performance and safety out of the car that you want. The best sports car with bad tyres will perform really badly and will not have the sufficient grip to deliver the performance that you expect and the stability will be poor.
Some people buy an SUV due to its impressive safety performance versus normal passenger cars, but then they somehow tend to forget that it is only safe it you pair it with proper tyres. You will need a good set of SUV winter tyres and SUV summer tyres or then go for SUV all-weather tyres. It is important to check that the tyres that you choose have the correct dimensions for your SUV and then that the tyres are correct for the surroundings where you aim to drive.

It is not only the investment, but you also need to ensure that you maintain the tyres correctly. The key maintenance steps are to visually inspect the tyres for any damag…

As Winter Comes To An End Make Sure You Change Your Tyres

If you are currently driving with winter tyres, then you should start planning when to change to summer tyres. You don’t want to drive too long with winter tyres, as the wear increases when you drive with them on warm roads during spring time.
Winter tyre has its place on snowy and wintery roads with freezing temperatures. When you don’t have those conditions anymore, you have reached the time to change tyres. Change to a good set of summer tyres that will give you a good driving experience.
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Winter Tyres: The Name Should Say It All

Winter tyres are the tyres to be used during winter. The name snow tyre is often also used, but since they now cover more than just snow, with ice and slush, the term winter tyre is more accurate and descriptive.
As the name suggests, winter tyres are designed for winter conditions and ensure that you can drive safely during wintertime, regardless of what type of winter weather you have. You just need to select if you want a studded tyres or a non-studded tyre and the decision is often based on what regulations you have in your area, your preference and what type of driving conditions you predominantly have.
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The Tyres Should Match Your Driving Behavior And Environment

Selecting tyres is not always easy. The EU tyre labels gives you some help with its 3 values it highlights, however these might not be the most important values for everyone. It doesn’t have specific values for winter and it depends a lot of where you will drive and how you drive.
If you have an SUV, you might be in need of all-terrain tyres and you might be looking for good SUV winter tyres, then the EU label will not give you the necessary information to make the best decision, albeit rolling resistance, noise and wet grip will still be important. For all-terrain it tends to be important to have reinforced sidewalls to prevent punctures from sharp rocks or objects and aramid-reinforcement sidewalls is the best.
You might want to have SUV studded tyres, as they will give you the best grip and control on icy and snowy surfaces regardless if you drive on or off-road. You surely don’t want to get stuck in remote areas due to lack of good grip, therefore good quality winter tyres is a mu…