Which tyres can you use during the winter season

When you want to drive during the winter season and the winter will include snow and cold temperatures, you will need to have winter tyres. With winter tyres it is meant that they are tyres that are approved for winter use and have fulfilled the performance tests required on snow. It is not enough that they have the M+S marking that indicates Mud and Snow, which is not tested and will have significantly worse properties than those that have passed the performance tests and thus have the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on the sidewall of the tyre.
So if you plan to drive in winter conditions you will have to choose one of the tyre types that have the 3PMSF marking and they are the dedicated winter tyres that come as either studded or non-studded or then you have the all year round tyres that are also non-studded. Basically all the ones that area approved for winter use can be used and will proved sufficient safety when driving during winter conditions. They will be super…

Non-studded tyres provide you with excellent winter safety

Winter tyres are available as both studded and non-studded. The studded tyres are the original winter tyres, which is why many older people see them as the only real alternative. The development has however gone forward and the non-studded tyres are nowadays as good as the studded on snow and it is only on ice that the studded have slightly better performance. So if you live in areas that have a lot of ice during the winter season, then the studded might be a better option. This can often be the case if you live in costal areas or next to very big lakes that tend to have more icy conditions. If you are not so bother with icy conditions, then you will be fine with non-studded tyres that have the advantage that they are allowed in all the countries and have fewer restrictions. If you travel between different countries you don’t have to worry as they can be used in all countries without limitation. This does not however make them ideal for summer use. These are tyres intended for winte…

How to buy the best winter tyres

When you need winter tyres for your vehicle, you will need to find the best tyres for your vehicle and your driving conditions. What are the best tyres for some vehicles and drivers, it might not be the best for others. How you drive and what you use your vehicle for also plays a role. The majority of the drivers are however, quite similar as they will use the cars for normal driving back and forth to work and some occasional family driving. If you do take long vacations using your car, it can have an impact when it comes to the winter tyres, as there are some regulations that might impact you if you have studded winter tyres.
If you are in the market for buying winter tyres, then you should gather information regarding what type of tyre you should get. The main challenge will be selecting the type of tyre that would be most suitable for you. The northernmost parts of Europe will often have more need for a specific winter tyre that they combine with a summer tyre for full year covera…

Winter tyres are necessary if you have winter weather

Since it is not safe to drive without winter tyres when you have winter weather, using them should not be optional. Driving with summer tyres in winter conditions is associated with great danger both for you and everyone in your car in addition to all the others that are around you while you drive. You can’t expect to have any grip or traction when you drive with summer tyresand it might be that you can’t get your car to stop once you approach a crossing.
The trick is not only to have the correct tyres mounted, but it is just as important that you have them mounted before the winter weather arrives. You do of course have the option to use all-weather tyres that allow for all year round driving, so that you are always ready for the winter weather as these tyres, if they are winter approved, will work just as good on dry summer roads s snowy winter roads. They provide convenience as well as safety for all conditions. The best thing is that you are never caught with the wrong tyres, wh…

Don’t delay purchasing new tyres

Tyres should always be kept in good condition and maintained properly. The tyres should also be changed as they wear out and the whole set should be changed at the same time to ensure that you have he same grip all around the car. The best way to obtain this is to rotate the tyres to even out any differences, which often can occur between the front and the rear tyres. If you change between summer tyres and winter tyres, this tends to be a good time to rotate the tyres.
The time to change tyres to new ones often comes from them wearing out, which is defined as when they reach a tread depth of 4 mm. When you go below 4 mm you lose a lot of the tyres key properties. Your grip will decrease, your braking distance will be prolonged and you are more likely to skid when you take sharp corners. The risk for aquaplaning also increases. This is why it is important to know when you reach this 4 mm threshold. The truth is that the only way to know when you reach the threshold is by measuring the…

A new tyre to battle wet roads

Nokian Tyres have launched a new tyre that is designed to conquer wet conditions that can be dangerous and can cause aquaplaning. The new Nokian Wetproof, has gotten excellent reviews in the many tests done by various comparison tests done around Europe. These tyres don’t only prevent aquaplaning, but also give you excellent grip and control on wet surfaces. The braking distance is also unprecedentedly short. Being a summer tire it also has excellent performance in dry conditions, which is the conditions that you will face mostly during the summer. However, most of the accidents during summer happen when during wet conditions, as you have worse grip and the risk of aquaplaning.
By having a tyre that is able to perform well during the wet conditions and have the classic of the Nokian Tyres high quality trademarks a low rolling resistance ensures that your tyres are consuming less fuel. These tires have their unique dual-zone safety concept that provides a more balanced road contact and…

Don’t forget that the tyres is one of the most important safety features

When you purchase a car, don’t forget how important the tyres are for the safety performance of your vehicle. Most people tend to always consider the safety aspects of a car when they purchase a new one, but when they purchase tyres there seems to be a different purchase pattern, as the decision is done without too much facts to support the decision. The EU tyre label that was introduced a few years ago has tried to simplify the comparison of tyres. It may not cover all the important aspects of the tyres, but at least it will give you important information on three factors that have a positive impact on your car’s performance and driving comfort.
Regardless of whether you are in the market for new summer tyres or new all-weather tyres, the tyres should be of high quality to exhibit the best safety performance. It is good to check various tyre reviews and tyre tests done by independent car magazines to see how the tyres perform in their tests. Some tests might favor certain tyres and t…